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About Us

Equipped with extensive financial knowledge, our motivated and responsive team members are here to offer professional service to brokers.

About ICMM

Infinity Capital Mortgage Management (ICMM) is Australia’s leading non-bank lender. We have many years of non-bank lender credit assessment experience. With years of assessment and mortgage management operations experience, we have helped many brokers clients achieve home settlement.

We have provided excellent assessment loan service for the brokers. ICMM gained countless trust and praise from brokers through professional teams and high-quality services.

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Our Promises

Infinity Capital Mortgage Management (ICMM) promises to provide professional support to the mortgage brokers, provide high-quality products that are in line with the interests of customers, and provide timely and efficient settlement funding support. Independent product, comparable to bank interest, fast approval, simple process, and promise to professionally provide the most considerate service to mortgage brokers.


Julie Zhu



Julie holds the master’s degree in business from the University of Adelaide and is the KOL of global investment and immigration. She has worked as a senior executive in a large global investment company for over five years, and currently is the Marketing Manager and BDM in ICFG. Jolie is professional in global asset allocation and well understood the investor preferences which has helped over 500 Chinese families successfully immigrated to other countries with financial planning.


Infinity Capital Mortgage Management (ICMM) provides a variety of interest products comparable to banks:

  • Residential Full Doc Products
  • Residential Low Doc Products
  • Non-Resident Loan Products
  • Expat products for overseas income of locals
  • Various Visa-compliant Loan Products

A Team Of Professionals

  • BDM Team
  • Credit Team
  • Accreditation Team & Compliance Team
  • Valuation Team
  • Settlement Team
  • Customer Service Team

Infinity Capital Financial Group Pty Ltd

Infinity Capital Financial Group Pty Ltd (ICFG) (ACN 649 538 223) is a comprehensive financial group with a global perspective, a leading non-bank financial institution for Australians to choose from, and the best partner for Mortgage Broker in Australia. The company is headquartered in Sydney, with branches in Melbourne and Brisbane. ICFG’s businesses cover credit and asset management. The group promises to provide professional and considerate support to mortgage brokers, high-quality products that are in line with the interests of customers, and timely and efficient settlement funding support. ICFM offers products that are comparable to bank interest, and with fast approval and a simple application process.

• Our Slogan

Infinity Capital, Infinite Possibilities

• Our Value

• People: We value people before profit We are understanding, fair, and inclusive
• Integrity: We are honest and upfront. We do what we say and stand by the outcome
• Wisdom: We are a team of well-researched, experienced, and qualified professionals. We strive for excellence and best practice
• Results: We are innovative, positive, and solution focused. We discuss, we decide, and we deliver

• Our  Mission

We focus on providing professional, high-quality, consistent and steady financial services to all individuals and organizations. We also like to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, whilst at the same time taking care of our employees and giving them the possibility to work with integrity, creativity, and in the best interest of our clients, the company, and our constituents. We always insist on putting our clients first, treating clients’ goals as our goals and working to optimise the benefits to create a win-win situation.


• Our Vision

To be the preferred financial services company in Australia with a reputation for personalised service based on knowledge and experience and in partnership with our esteemed clients to achieve superior performance, results, and long-term profitability



Infinity Capital Mortgage Management Pty Ltd (ICMM) (ACN 632 265 153, Australian Credit Licence 528727) is Australia’s leading Mortgage Manager. ICMM has many years of nonbank lender credit assessment experience. The group has provided excellent assessment loan service for the brokers and gained countless trust and praise from brokers through professional teams and high-quality services.

ICMM’s loans are fully funded by a mix of top-tier banks and multi-institutional capital and are specifically designed to suit the needs of a diverse range of customers. ICMM is leading the way in challenging the status quo to establish a real alternative to the major banks by focusing on new ideas and technologies to provide customers and partners with innovative, intuitive, tailored, and effective lending solutions.

With years of assessment and mortgage management operations experience, ICMM has helped many clients achieve their goal of home ownership within Australia.

ICMM provides a variety of interest products comparable to banks

Residential Full Doc Products

Residential Low Doc Products

Non-Resident Loan Products

Expat products for overseas

Various Visa-compliant Loan Products


Sendy Zhang

Managing Director
Email: [email protected] Tel: 0406050159/02 80290408

Na Zhang (Sendy) founded Infinity Capital Mortgage Management (ICMM) in 2021. Sendy has worked in the financial services industry for over 5 years, predominately as a finance broker in a leadership role. Having been instrumental in the growth of successful mortgage broking services, Sendy has full experience in helping brokers and their support teams achieve their goals for their business, their team and their clients. As a shareholder, ACL holder and sales director in the predecessor company, Sendy turned the company back into profit. Since the v

commencement of business in 2019, the predecessor company has achieved inspiring results over the last 24 months. It has become of the best Chinese-background mortgage management firm in the local market. The business model was built above the normal standard of a MM and was designed to lay the groundwork for the credit provider’s operational environment. It is also the foundation for a great responsible model ahead while at the same time capturing the market transactions.

Business Development Manager


Tina Liu

Email: [email protected] Tel: 02 8029 0408



Tina holds a master’s degree and was graduated from the business school of University of Sydney, with more than 8 years of working experience in the real estate and loan industry. She has solid professional knowledge, good interpersonal and communication skills and excellent leadership in business development. In 2022, Tina’s mortgage transaction volume reached $180M as the BDM at ICMM.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 02 8029 0408


Sasha Mao



Sasha holds a master’s degree in finance and trade from the University of New South Wales. She has many years of experience in non-bank lenders, covering residential and commercial loans, and has helped hundreds of loan brokers solve customer loan problems. Her annual mortgage transaction volume reached $160M.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0452051866


Leona Wang



Leona holds a bachelor’s degree in media from University of Technology Sydney, and a master’s degree in finance from University of Sydney. She has been engaged in the financial industry for many years and has profound knowledge and high analytical ability in the field of mortgage and is good at business development and solving business and technical problems. Leona provides services for ICFG’s customers throughout the loan cycle. At the same time, she is responsible for ICFG’s marketing work, familiar with social media operation, and able to integrate and coordinate market resources.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0435 135 997


Isabelle Chan



Isabelle holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Deakin University and has over eight years of experience as a loan manager at a lender and as a district manager at an insurance company. She has multiple certifications in real estate, finance and insurance, and can advise companies on flexibility and product diversification.

Assessor Team


Vita Jiang



Vita holds the master’s degree in finance from Macquarie University. She focused on the Australian credit approval industry, with professional analysis ability and rich experience in loan approval. After years of knowledge and experience accumulation, she provided diversified loan suggestions to many loan applicants during these 5 years, and helped the applicants to obtain loan qualifications successfully.


Siqi Liu



Siqi was graduated from Macquarie with a Master of Professional Accounting in CPA Studies, and has been engaged in credit for many years. with rich loan experience and related knowledge, as well as a strong sense of risk management. Good communication skills, excellent written and verbal skills, well received by the brokers.


Vicky Guo



Vicky has many years of experience in the financial industry and works enthusiastically and carefully, she is familiar with various loan products.


Laura Xiong



Laura was graduated from the University of Sydney with a master’s degree in accounting. Since 2018, She has been engaged in the background work of mortgage loan evaluation, and accumulated rich experience in non-bank loan review. She is good at the review of PAYG and self-employed income of local and overseas people, and familiar with various non-bank loan products and approval policies. She maintains a careful, patient, and attentive attitude at work, keeps to help brokers provide quality loan services and product experience to customers.


Shirley Zhao



Shirley was graduated from the University of Sydney, Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc). She once worked in a top Australian accounting firm, engaged in tax planning and analysis, and also has the working experience in a well-known Australian non-bank lending institution and ICFG. She is focusing on Australian loan approval and has accumulated all-round practical experience and strong professional analysis ability. Through profound industry knowledge and internal approval experience of the capital, she has helped thousands of applicants to obtain loans from various financial institutions successfully in the past 6 years. Especially she is good at complex approval of housing loans, construction loans, commercial loans, and self-managed pension fund loans.


Wendy Zheng



Wendy was graduated from Macquarie University with the major of Business Accounting and she is a CPA certified accountant. She has been in the accounting industry for over 10 years and a financial manager in the finance and lending industry for more than 5 years. She has professional knowledge in management, external reporting, financial analysis, tax and regulatory compliance.


Shirley Li



Shirley has been working in financial industry for over 6 years. She has the two-way thinking of front-end and back-end audit personnel, is full of enthusiasm for work and focusing on details. She did deep research on loan knowledge and relevant policy changes. In this industry, Shirley fully understands the needs of customers, and strives to create professional value.



Hugo Dong



With a bachelor’s degree of Engineering degree from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and a master’s degree of Finance from the University of New South Wales, Hugo is committed to helping clients and credit brokers solve credit related problems with the motto “there is always a way to solve things”. With a financial education background and 4 years of credit audit experience, he is able to handle all types of credit applications professionally. Under the leadership of ICFG and the active and harmonious work of ICMM credit audit team, Hugo delivers patience and perfect service to customers.

Tel: 02 9182 5891
Email: [email protected]



Zoey Chen

Settlement Coordinator



Zoey has the double master’s degree from the University of Sydney. Since graduation, she has been committed to providing customers with better products and better after-sales consulting services. From the customer’s point of view, every guest can get the most enthusiastic and the most intimate service from her.

Tel: 0435 368 277
Email: [email protected]

Customer Service


Annie Chen

customer service

Annie Chen holds the bachelor’s degree in English from Tianjin University of Technology and Education (TUTE). She has many years of experience in the financial industry and works enthusiastically and carefully, and currently is the Customer Service Officer. Annie is professional in solving client’s various problems.

Tel: 02 8029 0408
Mail: [email protected]



Iris Yao

Fund Manager



Iris Yao is a financial industry expert with extensive experience in private banking, credit asset management, and fund management. She has worked for globally recognised firms such as Deloitte and PwC, providing financial and management consulting services to VC/PE projects in investment funds. In Australia, Iris Yao was an early-stage VC fund manager and a real-estate fund manager of a leading local financial institution, overseeing a cumulative mortgage loan amount of over AUD 500 million.

Iris Yao specialises in providing strategic guidance on growth and risk frameworks and is actively involved in investment committees, risk committees, compliance committees, and the management of fund operations.

Why Choose Us

  • $2.5 million maximum for each established property, $1.5 million maximum for each Construction, maximum single borrow exposure up to $ 5 million. Maximum IO amount up to $2 million.

    Loan size up to $5M, LVR up to 95%
  • Citizen expat or elite local income will let the owner occupied with LVR less than 60% and repayment with principal and interest

    Very competitive interest rate in market
  • Wide range of TR visa accepted and even non-resident, plus wide range of different income countries accepted

    Wide range of Visa and non-resident accepted
  • We regularly communicate our home loan processing times, and as of this week, the average time to pick up a file is two hours and so is the average time for credit assessment – but we’re usually well below that timeframe
    borrowers could be approved within a day or two with us
    Only recently, one of our mortgage brokers got a customer to settlement within 2 weeks!

    Fast turnaround time, could be approval in 2 hours
  • If you’re self-employed, you may find it difficult to provide your most recent financials to prove your income.
    Other times, your financials don’t accurately reflect your yearly earnings, particularly if you’ve purposely reduced your income for tax purposes.
    To make life easier for you, you can ask your accountant to provide a letter as evidence of your income confirming that a business is trading at a profit.

    An accountant letter for Self-employed applicant
  • Wide range of valuation company on the list, you can choose your own prefer valuation company and reorder the valuation company if the valuation result if not meet your expectation.

    Choose your own valuation company
  • Income accepted from wide range of different countries and lower veda score applicant accepted. Bonus and commission also can be accepted in full.

    Lower veda score applicant accepted and low DTI ratio requirement
  • Within Online Banking, you’ll be able to use our full suite of features and services. Check your account balance, pay a bill using BPAY, view interest earned, lock a misplaced card, share your transaction receipts, and account details easily – the list goes on.
    App makes the everyday a little easier with great banking and payment features to manage your money on the go.

    Online banking and APP available
  • An offset account can give you the freedom to “park” your own funds and save in interest whilst keeping the loan itself free of “personal” transactions. helpful if you are claiming a tax deduction on loan interest as most accountants will advise you not to deposit your own funds in and draw them out unless they are used for tax deductible purposes.

    100% offset account available